Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) established in 2009 in Harestad Vika in Stavanger. Here WCL had a
good start in connection with the agreement with Technip Norway AS (Technip) by supplying subsea
operations. In retrospect, there are several customers in the Stavanger area using WCL their servi-
ces and products. In 2013 WCL signed a frame agreement with Subsea 7 Norway AS (S7).
The frame agreement with Technip included delivery of new lifting equipment, maintenance, com-
petent inspection / certification and operation of Rigging Pool for the equipment owned by Technip.
In January 2013, a similar framework agreement was signed with Subsea 7 Norway AS for main-
tenance, competent inspection / certification, administration of S7's Rigging Pool and supply of
new lifting and rigging equipment.
WCL dispose premises of 1350 square meters and accommodate workshop, warehouse and logistic
functions. There is also approximately 7000 square meter outdoor area.
New administration building was constructed and put into use in 2010, the same year that a new
warehouse for customer equipment was installed.
There is a major store of lifting products for sale and rental, with several agencies within the lifting
A Talurit 1000-ton swager and assorted wire reels for delivery of assembled lifting slings according
to applicable regulations and standards and customer specifications. For dimensions and variants
outside our production area we have good agreements with suppliers to ensure delivery capability
in this area.
WCL is headquartered in Haugesund and is one of the leading companies in Norway for the overall
concept in cranes and lifting equipment both offshore and onshore. WCL's total concept covers the
whole spectrum of enterprise, sales and rental of lifting equipment from reputable manufacturers,
as well as courses and training in the safe use of lifting equipment.
In collaboration with volume customers to develop WCL increases its overall concept, so that at any
time to deliver products and services of the quality our customers expect. WCL already has long-
term contracts in Stavanger, including Maersk Drilling AS and Saipem. The reason for the invest-
ment in Stavanger was that WCL want proximity to its customers. WCL has a very competitive total
concept, and the establishment here enables WCL to serve customers in the Stavanger region even
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