Fall protection
In addition to conventional rope-access technology we can also provide fall protection in work ope-
rations, if this is the most cost-saving solution. We offer rental and examination of fall protection
equipment to be used for special assignments.
Rescue and evacuation systems
Such systems are currently being used as part of companies emergency preparedness for work
operations in tanks and at height. For operations at industrial facilities and plants, customers often
require such systems to be available and operative. We develop such systems with basis in custo-
mer requirements. We perform the necessary training and check of equipment after use or other
Courses and training
WCL also offer courses and training in fall protection plus rescue and evacuation systems.
Mechanical services
WCL have skilled mechanics with product specified training for assembly and disassembly of
cranes. In addition WCL performs preventive and corrective maintenance of all kinds of cranes and
lifting equipment.
Westcon Løfteteknikk offers certified and proven training in the use of lifting equipment and lifting
machines. The training covers both theoretical and practical introduction to the safe use of all our
Westcon Løfteteknikk (WCL) offers a varied line of courses. Besides introducing participants in the
correct use of equipment, the goal is to make the user more aware of how to best safeguard people,
environment and material values. WCL has many multidisciplinary instructors with a high level of
competence after many years in the business. In addition, our courses are stipulated within modu-
lar training following approved curricula, which generate solid documentation according to current
demands to land installations, rigs and ships, as well as permanent installations offshore. Westcon
Løfteteknikk AS offers the following courses:
-Strap course/Lifting equipment
-Simple lifting equipment and Rigging course
-Column slewing crane and other lifting arrangements
-Crane operator courses G4, G5, G8 and G20
-Fall protection- and FG course (Prevention of falling objects)
-Fall rescue course
-Personal lifter- and truck driver courses, Ass. Classes
-VHF course
-NORSOK seminar – Crane and Lift
All our courses are approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Petroleum
Safety Authority Norway. Our courses maintain the safety of people, the environment and material
Welcome to our courses in our modern facilities in the center of Haugesund!
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