WCL customers can choose whether they want their documents available from PIMS system [WCL]
or Equipment Portal [ONIX].
The WEB systems will give our customers access to the following documentation:
• Control cards
• Certificates
• User Manuals
• Defect list
• NDT reports
• History
• Etc.
There is also the opportunity to make a printout of all the information, depending on the view you
have chosen.
Certificate printing
You have quick access to the track / summing list of all units per. Department / Vessel / Area.
All information is collected directly from our control database so you are always assured that the
data is updated.
WCL performs engineering services in the following areas:
• Materials handling plans and lifting procedures
• Design and modification of lifting appliances and lifting gear
• Autocad, Inventor and Staad Pro
• 3D modeling and fabrication drawings
• Calculation and verification
• Manufacturing and construction supervision
• CE – Certificate of Conformity / Manuals
• Procedures
• GAP analysis against regulations and standards
• Risk assessments
• Lifetime Analysis
• Verifications of customer governing procedures against regulations and standards
• Advice and guidance
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