Enterprise of Competence – Competent Person
Inspection and certification
Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) is certified as an Enterprise of Competence by Norsk Sertifisering AS
and have several inspectors approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority as Competent Person.
WCL performs certification and inspection of all types of lifting appliances and lifting gear and is or-
ganized to deal with clients both onshore, offshore and worldwide. WCL stays up to date on current
laws and regulations, and the standards our customers are governed by or want to follow.
Multi skilled personnel
WCL provides personnel with multi skilled expertise in inspection and certification. Many of our
inspectors have product-specified training, and many are trained NDT-operators, rope access-techni-
cians and riggers.
Enterprise of Competence (Labour Inspection Authority / Petroleum Safety Authority)
WCL is certified in the following control areas of competence category S1 and independence
category C:
G1: Mobile cranes, G2: Tower cranes, G4: Bridge and gantry cranes, G5: Offshore Cranes, G7: Win-
ches / hoists, G8: Truck cranes, G10: Hand-operated cranes, G20: Other cranes, RX: Lifting gears,
T: Lifting and stacking trucks, B: Equipment for salvage cars, P: Personnel lifts, S: Studio and stage
rigs, BH: Site Elevators.
Competent Person (Norwegian Maritime Authority)
WCL has several inspectors approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority as Competent Person
B-1 and A.
NDT (Non destructive testing)
WCL is registered by the Certification Body FORCE Technology Certification Norway AS as a NDT-Orga-
nization (NTO). WCL fulfils all requirements in the EN 473/NORDTEST form for Registration and have
certified inspectors in Visual Inspection, Magnetic Particle, Penetrating fluid, Eddy Current, Ultraso-
nic and X-ray. In addition WCL is approved by ABS and DNV (402A and 402B) for hull inspection.
Documentation of Electronic access via Internet
WCL can offer access to electronic documentation via Internet to be able to view inspection reports
and certificates where all relevant information, and last inspection dates for appliances and equip-
ment are given. Access is controlled by a log-in name and password.
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